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FI System

DBW Throttle Body

The throttle valve is opened and closed by an electric motor in response to signals from the ECU. The rider's will is transmitted by electrical wires in optimum condition via the accelerator position sensor (APS) and ECU. The engine is controlled to conform with the state of the motorcycle body.



Under electronic control, fuel particles tens of microns in size are sprayed into the engine. Compact, lightweight, quiet design. In responding to the shift to fuel injection in motorcycles, it has also achieved cost reductions.


Fuel Pump Module

Filtered fuel is pumped into the injector by the fuel feed pump (FFP). At that point, the integrated pressure regulator component maintains a constant pumping pressure.


Electronic Control Unit

This determines the volume of air supplied to the engine and the fuel injection amount on the basis of signals from various sensors. Fine control is applied on the basis of Information from the various sensors and can even provide a solution to contradictory problems such as fuel consumption and emissions levels as well as engine output.


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