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Philosophy & Mission

The "Keihin philosophy” is a movement in which Keihin Group employees share a sense of "what is right." Throughout the world, all are striving to realize our "mission statement" and create a corporate culture worthy of Keihin.  It is precisely this "centripetal force toward a single goal" that is the driving force for us at Keihin.




Fundamental Beliefs

Respect for the Individual
  • Self-reliance
    • To be free in thought and to act in accordance with one’s own beliefs, and to take responsibility for the results of one’s actions.
  • Fairness
    • To respect each others’ differences and to maintain fairness in all of one’s dealings.
  • Trust
    • To sincerely recognize each others’ abilities and compensate for each other’s shortcomings.
The Five Joys
  • Society
    • We shall share joy with our Society by being a model corporate citizen.
  • Customers
    • We shall share joy with our Customers by using our advanced skills and close interaction.
  • Suppliers
    • We shall share joy with our Suppliers by ensuring that each party prospers in an environment of mutual creativity.
  • Shareholders
    • We shall share joy with our Shareholders by always maintaining our appeal as a company.
  • Ourselves
    • We shall share joy among Ourselves by gaining the empathy and trust of all.

Corporate Principle

  • We will contribute to the future of mankind by constantly creating new value.

Guiding Policies

  • We shall challenge ourselves to any matter with ambition and vitality
  • A corporate culture of ambition and challenge
  • We shall give importance to theory, ideas and time
  • A corporate culture giving importance to ideas and time
  • We shall respect sincere conduct and endeavors
  • A corporate culture that rewards effort


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