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Keihin North America Environmental Health and Safety Program

As a leading manufacturer of motor vehicle components we shall, in all our operations:

  • Continuously improve our Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) performance by conserving natural resources, preventing pollution and providing safe workplaces and products.
  • Ensure that our facilities and products meet or exceed applicable governmental requirements.
  • Educate, motivate and engage our associates to contribute to our EHS commitment and to comply with this policy.
  • Encourage our contractors, suppliers and consultants to adhere to the same standards as Keihin Europe personnel.
  • Openly communicate our EHS performance and participate in initiatives that improve our knowledge and performance.
  • Ensure prompt reporting of any incidents, provide monitoring and measurement of our EHS performance and regularly check to ensure that our processes and management systems are working effectively.

The Safety of Our Associates is a Top Priority

  • Therefore, all rules and regulations are rigidly applied and enforced. All Keihin Europe sites provide comprehensive safety and health programs, which include the highest quality training and the highest safety standards for its associates.

Keihin Europe Environmental Health and Safety Mission

  • We support Keihin’s Corporate Principle of ‘continuous creation of new value’ by providing value added environmental and safety services to Keihin Europe. This is accomplished by ensuring regulatory compliance, training and consulting, and recognising and inspiring the control of safety hazards and environmental concerns.

The Future of Environmental Health and Safety

  • Increase the training of associates in Safety and Environmental.
  • Reduce Keihin Europe’s impact on the environment by;
    • Using more environmentally friendly materials
    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Eliminating where ever possible waste materials
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