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Electronic Control Products


This controls the whole powertrain including the ignition system and fuel system and transmission in order to improve engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, produce cleaner exhaust emissions, and improve drivability.
Products for hybrid vehicles also apply specialized controls for hybrid vehicles in addition to the above controls.


Motor and Battery ECU (for hybrid vehicles)

Hybrid vehicles have an electric motor as well as an engine and run combining the power of the two. This product is only for hybrid vehicles and controls the motor and battery in response to signals received from the FI-ECU. The newest products aim to be smaller and lighter by integrating control of the motor and control of the battery, previously conducted separately.


ECU for Active Control Engine Mount

An active control engine mount (ACM) that cancels out vibrations caused by cylinder deactivation accompanying treatment to reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency with vibrations in opposite phase, and minimizes the transmission of vibrations to the vehicle body. This controls the actuator component of the ACM according to the situation.



This is an electronic control unit that responds rapidly to changing road and driving conditions, and controls the switch between two wheel and four wheel drive depending on front and rear wheel driving force distribution and the limited slip differential (LSD) function that stabilizes the driving force on the rear wheels.


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