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Climate Control



The HVAC Unit has a heater that heats the air using the heat from the engine coolant and an evaporator that cools the air through the evaporation of the refrigerant (A/C gas). It creates a temperature environment for the cabin following the operation of the instrument panel. Another important function is to defog the window by utilising the characteristic of humidity reduction by cooling the air. Current air conditioner for automobile first cools down the air to a lot lower temperature than what was set by the user so that the window does not get foggy as much as possible. Then part of the cooled air goes through the heater to be warmed up to control to be at the set temperature. By using a humidity sensor, the temperature that is tentatively cooled down to is optimized, enabling a large reduction in operating rate of the compressor. Similarly, the reduction in the operating rate of the compressor for conservation is realised through the use of the linear angle internal / external air damper which can freely set the amount of ambient air introduction.



This compresses refrigerant from the evaporator unit inside the passenger compartment. The temperature and pressure of the refrigerant increase on compression, and heat can be released to the air outside by the condenser (external unit). Keihin compressors are what is called scroll type, and are characterized by high efficiency and low power consumption.



The Condenser cools and liquefies the high temperature / high pressure refrigerant (A/C gas) that is brought from the compressor using the outside air. Keihin’s condenser has high corrosion resistance performance and has high performance for the size to proudly be in the top class in the world.

Ambient Sensor

This detects the ambient temperature and sends the data to the control unit of the air conditioner.

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