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CNG Products

CNG Products

Natural gas vehicles (NGV) using the oil-alternative compressed natural gas (CNG) as a fuel have been attracting attention in Europe and the Middle East, South America and the Asian region since they reduce CO2 production during driving by about 20% and can also significantly reduce running costs.
At Keihin, we have developed a fuel supply system for natural gas vehicles, and have achieved world-class performance. Products include: a pressure regulator that supplies CNG fuel filled at high pressure to an injector at a constant pressure unaffected by changes in fuel flow and changes in tank pressure, an oil trap filter to remove oil, an ECU that directs the supply of the optimal amount of fuel based on the angle at which the driver is holding down the accelerator, and an injector that receives the instruction from the ECU and feeds a precise amount of fuel into the engine. Keihin is offering a world-class system.

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